Love Food, Love Ludlow Festival

September 11th to the 13th was the the famous Ludlow Food Festival in the quaint Shropshire town of Ludlow, but I know you suspected that to be the case.

This was our first visit to the festival and having been to the Ludlow Spring Festival, which was all about 300 guest beers and a vintage car rally, this trip turned out to be a culinary delight.  Also held in the grounds of the towns castle – what a setting.

The objective of the festival is to promote local produce, from breads, meats, wines, beers – basically, dream it and it was there.  Homemade cakes, sparkling wines, liquors – sound good, put it in your calendar fro 2016, I have !  I have even bought a spiced whisky.

There is also a fun side to the festival.  A sausage trail and a bread trail, trying out the produce at a variety of butchers and bakers.  Don’t miss out on the ale trail as well.

As the title says, if you love food, you will love this festival.

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