Something Blue

Hi All, another long wait for a post I know, but I promise that I have been reviewing some interesting posts over the last 9 months – keep the good work coming though.

As a keen photographer, but with very little time to experiment and play with the numerous settings that the modern day DSLR offers, I went to our local Photographic Society meeting tonight.  Coaxed into it by my good lady, having checked out their exhibition at this summers town fayre, I found myself daunted by the prospect of having my work critiqued.

Everyone had an opportunity to display a few images (prints or digital projections), so I braved the ordeal and must admit – I wished I had done it years ago.

As everyone present was an amateur just like myself, the criticism / praise received was actually quite enlightening.

The theme was to take a photo during the summer break of, “something blue”, and my three images (attached) were:-

1 – the wall art in Mexico City.  Nothing stunning as technique goes, but novel as a talking point:

2 – the boat scene in the English Lake District.  A nice momento of a good day out.  On the whole a well balanced image with fair depth of field and rich colour (but only my opinion of course);

3 – the car emblem at a vintage car rally.  Here I used my new toy – the Canon 100mm F2.8 macro L series.  Probably the best piece of photo kit I have ever bought.  The clarity and detail is outrageous from this lens, and great fun shooting bugs in the garden with my grandson.  But at the end of the day, it’s a photo of a car badge!

So, having said all that and played down what I thought about the images, one of the above came 3rd out of 40 images.  I was blown away with glee (and embarrassment as it was my first night there – maybe they took pity on me!!!).

It just goes to show that it does not matter what you think about your photo work, other’s opinions are actually more valuable and only stand to improve your technique, composition (rule of thirds very important generally) and skill level.

The message – don’t be frightened to parade your work, you’ll be pleasantly surprised what others think about it.

Happy to have comments on the three images and I will let you all decide which one you like (if any), and which one came third.

Best regards to all readers


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