Day Of The Dead, Mexico 2014 – Is It The Start Of A New Journey?

Hi All.

Its been too long without a post, but this year has been a crazy busy time.  I have taken on the role of Country Manager for our entity in Mexico City, which involves commuting for a 2 to 3 week stint per month in Mexico.

1.The Opening Event Head Stone

1.The Opening Event Head Stone

Its been a real eye opener about culture, politics, religion, but most importantly I have seen how much a country can want change and also how it values its heritage.

This brings me onto my short post, as this the pictures will really speak for themselves.  Like most in the UK, I’m not particularly comfortable with death and we all deal with it in very personal ways, history in Mexico has shown that there is actually more to life then death itself.

An odd statement I am sure you’re saying, but what I am is that on the morbid side we are all hoping for 70, 80 or even 90 years life.  Here in Mexico life seems endless.  Even after death people seem to be remembered for far long than I would say is the norm (I’ll leave you to define normal after the transatlantic adventure I have been having this year – whats normal!)

So, Day Of The Dead – I’m sure that some of you will have come across this, but for those that have not its about partying, celebrating, remembering the good times, and parading the most colourful display of death that I have ever had the pleasure to witness.

Today I was in Coyoacan (the ancient capital of Mexico), and the number of skelton’s in costume was incredible. Let me stop talking for a while and let the photos try and tell the picture of a funeral procession.

Colourful, amusing, artistic, eye catching and certainly thought provoking.  It has to be witnessed first hand to comprehend the surreal side of “death”, and I hope the some of you may manage at some point in the future to be in Mexico City on the 1st/2nd November.

Is it death, or as the Aztec’s and most of the ancient world thought, the start of a new journey?

I’ll try and not leave it too long next time, but if anyone has already experienced the festival I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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