Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon by Cooperimagineering

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This week really is an endless opportunity for all of us to put our viewpoints over (viewpoint, endless, horizon,….. sorry for the pun).  We never actually reach the horizon, as it keeps moving – and yet it is one of the simplest topics to photograph.

I have used one of these photos before, but mainland Greece on the horizon, as seen from Zante at around 6AM – what a breath taking start to the day!

Ionian Sea at 6M

At the end of the day, the sun then disappears below the horizon, to go and shine on someone else’s horizon for a while.

Sunset In Pafos

The horizon is so far away, that we cannot decide what it is, or if it actually exists.  Is it the end of the road heading off in the distance, or what is at the end of the road when you get there.  Infinity is probably a good description, especially when gazing across the pool, staring into the distant sunset.

Infinity and Beyond

Not only can we generally not decide what it is, but we certainly struggle to make out where its is.  Does the sky actually meet the ground at the horizon?  Maybe, but from our collective viewpoints, if it didn’t, we would then be asking what is in the gap! (Or in Transport For London’s case, they would be saying, “Mind The Gap”.  Overseas readers will need Google ( http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ ) chuckle at that one.

From a 1000 feet above London on top of Europe’s highest new building (for now), the horizon plays host to communities going about their daily business, unknowing that they are big watched from above!

Shards Eye View

We could talk about this topic all night long, so I’ll stop there and look forward to seeing the numerous sunsets and sun rises from around the world, that are also bound to make there way to this challenge, and anyone’s spin on the word horizon.

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