Our Planet – How insignificant are we to it?

I’m curious.  Blogs are written all the time, and we see varying numbers of likes or comments.  But what attracts us to a blog?  Is is the colourful picture, or does the title influence what we want to read.

A week or so ago, I uploaded a single picture for  a picture blog that is run each week, and I am pleased to say that it attracted 5 bloggers.  The blog is below, but reading it carefully there is a poignant message hidden within about how precious our planet really is.

So, I am posting it again today with a different title to see if it aroused more curious minds like mine.  Happy reading and I’ll post the findings in a week or so.


In reality, it takes something like a sunrise to make us realise just how small and insignificant we are.  This image is looking across the Ionian Sea from Zante to mainland Greece at around 6am.  The vastness of the sea and the hills of the mainland make you think about space in more detail.

We are great a thinking that it is about us, the human race.  When in fact everything around us has been around for much, much longer.  We can only be seen to be large  and significant on this beautiful photogenic planet, if we respect it.

We’ve travelled to the curve shaped moon in the image, yet we still carry on using this planet as if it was solely designed for humans to abuse.  I travelled to the Grand Canyon many moons ago (pardon the pun), before the advent of digital actually, and this means that the emotional images of the sun rising over the canyon that I wanted to upload, are not available just yet.  Another outstanding job!

At the Canyon, with my son Matt and brother in law Brendan, only then at 4.30am, when the sun started to show its face, did it really hit home that we were all so small, relative to our surroundings.  Most of the people around us were shedding tears, the emotions were high, the atmosphere electric and yet for a change you could hear a pin drop.  The Human Race was silenced and listening in harmony!

Spending the last 20 years in the waste industry an renewable energy sector, brings it home about a fragility of our earth.

Apologies and no apologies for this post.  Its a simple message, but one we all struggle to hear.

Look forward to the feedback on this post, from like minded folk.

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