Mexico City – a room with a view

Ever thought of Mexico City being a hotspot for photography.  I travel to numerous countries for work, and find myself coming over to Mexico every 6-8 weeks of late.  I’m based right outside the famous angel roundabout on Paseo de la Reforma, seen below

Looking Down On The Angel !

In terms of opportunity for great images, I now lug around my full gear as well as laptop and 2 weeks worth of clothing.  Boy would I have regretted it now, if I have not had my camera on the day I was face to face with a radio station chopper flying right outside my office window.

Eye Eye

Just like the English Lake District, Mexico City is one of the places that needs to be seen from above.  Where better can you see the unusual road traffic organisation of being able to travel round roundabouts, in which ever direction you like!

Magic Roundabout Waiting For The 20 Minute Fountain Rush

Here you see a great example of hundreds waiting for the fountains to be switched on, so that they can dance away to cool down in the intense summer heat.

The people themselves are very friendly and always looking for some fun.  Take a casual Sunday afternoon in May 2013.  Can you imagine closing a major dual carriageway through the centre of London so that people could go jogging and roller blading.  That’s exactly what happened here in Mexico City.  The last trip here, they closed Reforma for a motor bike rally, and all the show offs in town turned up.


More to follow with my travels, but new images are always being added to my portfolio at

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